About Reel Neet Erosion

about-imageReel Neet Lawn Service started in 1990 when two men with a lawn mower, edger and weed eater set out to start and new and improved lawn service.Once Reel Neet landed some commercial jobs it started expanding. Reel Neet started offering Bush Hogging and minor sodding and landscaping.

 In 2000 Reel Neet ventured into a new era and started working in the Erosion and Sediment Control field. Reel Neet Erosion Control was formed. RNEC started out installing Silt Fence and various inlet protection products. After that RNEC ventured into Hydro Seeding and Environmentally Friendly Land Clearing.

In 2009, Reel Neet moved towards working with the energy corridor, this included working on a Kinder Morgan/MEP pipeline that spans from Oklahoma to Alabama.

Today Reel Neet uses the newest and best products and technology. RNEC offers services from Sodding and Seeding, all the way to land clearing and earth work.

Meet the Reel Neet Staff:

  • Robert A (Bobby) Thomas - President
  • Bobby D Pugh - Vice President
  • Blake Thomas - Project Manager/Estimator
  • William Blanton - Dirt Superintendent/Estimator
  • Connie M Crenshaw - Office Administrator